Snuffles are the second pets that you can buy in Club Ducky.  Both a Ducky and a Moose can buy them, a Ducky can buy them in the Pet Shop, and a Moose can buy them in the Snuffle Center.

Characteristics Edit

  • Green: Loyal and Playful
  • White: Hyper and Hungy
  • Maroon: Quick and a Car Lover
  • Black: Ninja-like and Stragetic
  • Red: Angry and Firey
  • Orange: Patient and Friendly
  • Lime: Peaceful and Quiet
  • Lavander: Shy and Sneaky
  • Yellow: Intelligent and Nerdy
  • Light Blue: Optimist and loves Flying
  • Blue: Tidy and polite
  • Pink: Girly and loves Tea
  • Dark Black: Depressive and Emo
  • Peach: Party-lover and Heat-lover
  • Gray: Water-lover and Athletic
  • Dark Green: Wacky and Silly
  • Brown: Creative and Artistic
  • Aqua: Mystery-loving and Clever. A Pet Party excluive.
  • Purple: Unknown, the only one ever found is Dot.

Trivia Edit

  • Snuffles are one of the 3 different pets you can adopt in Club Ducky, the other pets being Duckles and Moosles.
  • Everyone (duckies+moose) can adopt yellow and green snuffles. But during the Pet Party, these are mallard-only, and all of the other snuffles other than Dot are adoptable for everyone (duckies+moose).