Duckles are cute pets you can buy in Club Ducky at the Pet Shop. Only duckies can adopt them.

Colors Edit

  • Red - Extreme and Fearless
    • Loves skateboarding
  • Orange - Funny and Happy
    • Loves disguising
  • Yellow - Mild-tempered and Friendly
    • Loves singing
  • Green - Careful and Smart
    • Loves juggling
  • Blue - Shy and Gentle
    • Loves potted plants
  • Purple - Solitaire and Creative
    • Loves painting
  • Pink - Girly and Active
    • Loves tea parties
  • Rainbow - Diva-like and Fabulous
    • Loves clothes
  • Black - Cool and High-tempered
    • Loves dancing
  • Brown - Curious and Helpful
    • Loves exploring
  • White - Sleepy and Unactive
    • Loves snow
  • Golden - Active only in underground rooms, unactive in other places
    • Loves to dig


  • They are available to everybody except fot the moose during the Pet Party except for the yellow and green duckles.
  •  Duckles are one of the 3 different pets you can adopt in Club Ducky, the other pets being Snuffles and Moosles.
  • Non-mallards can adopt yellow and green duckles. But during the Pet Party, these are mallard-only, and all of the other duckles are adoptable for everyone.


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