The Coffee Center is a building at the Ducky Town. Here you can sit down after a long time dancing and choose an option from the menu. You can also work on here, either pretending to serve coffee to your visitors or making cookies. Maybe even eating some at the bowl. Finally, you can choose to make hot or cold coffee, and perform on the stage. There are stairs to an unknown room.


  • If you look very closely, you will see a notepad and a pencil on the counter.

Featured in MenuEdit

Every month, the featured food in menu changes.

  • January: Coffee & Croissant
  • February: Hot Chocolate
  • March: Super Coffee
  • April: Milk & Cookies
  • May: Smoothie
  • June: Milkshake
  • July: Espresso
  • August: Cinnamon Rolls
  • September: Tea & Bread
  • October: Spooky Coffee
  • November: Tea & Croissants
  • December: Holiday-flavored tea