The Official Logo of Club Ducky


The Official Log-in Screen of Club Ducky

Club Ducky is a virtual world that was supposed to be a joke, but became too popular on the Club Penguin wiki. It is the habitat of Duckies. This is an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Duckies, Snuffles, Duckles, Moosles, and Moose are the natural habitants of this island. Players can choose to be a Ducky (playful, cool and happy) or a Moose (greedy, boring and serious).

Where to go from what place?Edit

Moose, Ducky and Everyone rooms

Moose Wall Room links to Moose Beach. Moose Beach links to Moose Plaza. Moose Plaza links to Mooze Cloth, Arcade and The Moose Town. The Moose Town links to Snuffle Center, Moosle Shop, Moose Diner and Mud Battle Place. The Mud Battle Place links to the Moose Mud Waterfall and the Moose Mud River. Moose Mud Waterfall links to the river, too, but you can not go from the river to the waterfall, because when you fall into the waterfall, you automatically go to the river. The Moose Mud River links to the Jail's Yard. Jail's Yard links to Ducky Jail, Moose Jail and Ducky Beach. Ducky Beach links to Wide River Room. Wide River Room links to Town. Town links to Stuff Store, Ducky Dance, Coffee Center and Pond. Ducky Dance links to The Boiler Place. Pond links to The Ducky Plaza. The Ducky Plaza links to Pet Shop, Ducky Diner and The Bridge Room. The Bridge Room links to The Wall Room.

The Dojo Yard is only accessible through the map. It links to The Dojo. The same only-map-accessiblity counts for The Tower, too.